Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2: NaBloPoMo - Deliberate Thank You

This morning I was getting coffee from our local franchise, Biggby. The store was empty, service was fast and within 5 minutes I had my Decaf Skinny Caramel Marvel in hand and was headed to work. A gentleman opened the door for me on my way out and I looked at him, in the eyes, smiled and said "Thank you!"

Honestly, how hard is that?

I wonder often how different our society would be if people actually took the time to thank others. Even if it seems like it's for the little things.

Thank you for holding the elevator.
Thank you for giving me a bit more room in line.
Thank you for doing your job with a smile.
Thank you for THANKING ME!

Leif and I were involved in a little experiment this summer then we were going through our Rough Patch. We were charged with picking a day - any day - and trying to make it a great day for our partner. But, we weren't to tell each other when the day was or what we were going to do. Cheesy, I know.

We both found that thanking each other, for WHATEVER, put smiles on our faces. Even if I was sarcastically thanking him for thanking me, it still put something positive out there in the universe. We felt better, because thanking each other was nice.

NICE, people!! Imagine that. Try giving a deliberate "thank-you" sometime. I promise you, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for reading.

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