Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh yeah... the blog

Christmas was my last post? Really?

Lots has happened since then. Leif lost a job. We went on vacation. We had a party celebrating our wedding and house-warming. Lots of people came. AJ started private math tutoring. I planted a garden. Nothing really grew. Except a baby in my belly! (Woohoo!) We had some problems. Issues. Therapy was involved (the non-alcoholic kind, for me...). Leif got a job. Then he got a better job. I bought a quilting machine that we can't afford.

You know, life.

In all that is a smattering of knitting and quilting. And laundry. And work.

Again, life.

I feel like I have stuff to say. Then I don't. And no one reads this anyway so I suppose it doesn't matter.

But it does.

Yeah, I need to hop back on the bloggy train.