Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Man, what a roller coaster of a year. But fantastic as well and lots of great things happened. Weddings, fun home improvement projects, new jobs, etc. Not much to complain about, but I can always find something!

The holidays always get me down. I really don't know why I let the stress get to me. I think part of it is having two families to spend time with. It's hard to juggle them when all I want to do is stay in my pajamas, watch the Christmas morning parade with a hot cuppa and ignore everyone but Leif and AJ (and trust, the dogs won't be ignored.) Yet, I put on a slightly happy face, try to clean the house (epic FAIL this year), cook dinner and try to make everyone happy. I really need to stop doing that.

Despite the bullshit, it was a good Christmas this year. AJ, Leif and I exchanged presents this morning (it was definitely the year of the Wii... we got accessories and about 10 games). I cooked an (almost) great dinner, even though the oven did get accidentally turned off halfway through baking our potatoes and green bean casserole), made sweet treats and managed to only cut myself once during the prep process! Mom came and hung out, as well as Leif's brother. I spent some time thinking about Leif's parents in Florida... the holidays are definitely not the same without them around.

Next year I've decided to do a fondue Christmas for Christmas Eve dinner. How fun does that sound?! I'm tired of potatoes and stuffing and ham. I want french bread, and cheese, and sizzling steak. And a chocolate fountain! Mmmmmm....

And AJ has declared our new Christmas Day tradition of staying in our Christmas Eve jammies all day. I like it and I think we'll keep it. What's not to love about flannel?!

Merry Christmas, everyone!