Friday, August 27, 2010

Wearable Art

I love wearing hand-made things. Oh heck, I just love hand-made things in general!


Uber thanks to Amber over at Dawdler101 for her super blog giveaway. I was the lucky recipient of her April Showers and May Flowers bracelets on July 30th! I've worn them a few times (including today) and I love, love, LOVE them!

Amber, rock on!


I don't know about anyone else, but I freak out before I give a handmade item to anyone. Will they like it? Are the colors right? Will they use it? Will they understand the oodles of time it took to create such a masterpiece? I'm currently working on a quilt for my ex-husbands step-daughter (oh, shut up... you don't have to understand it!) Marianna's baby shower is on Sunday - yes, 2 days away - and I had a freak out moment last night while working on it. I second guessed every color choice I made (even though my ex's wife loved them) and second guessed the pattern even more (single irish chain - you just can't screw those up.) I wonder if other people who give handmade gifts think the same way I do.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's new?

Honestly, where has the summer gone? It is already the END of August!!

I had such grand plans. Finishing up our new flooring with trim (not to mention the door transitions we still need to install...) Gardening, making my basement craft room livable, working out, eating right, knitting, quilting, etc, etc...

I didn't manage to get the craft room even started! No trim in the living/dining room areas. No transitions (I blame Leif for that...) Gardening has been going great and I even canned for the first time last weekend - stewed tomatoes, pickled cherry tomatoes, dilly beans and regular beans. What a good time!

No finished knitting or quilting projects though I HAVE to get a baby quilt done this weekend for a shower on Sunday. So, it will be pedal to the metal from today on. Working on a baby sweater and various other knitting projects that seem to start themselves but never quite finish themselves in a timely matter.

I bought a car! Isn't she pretty? Her name is Veruca and I love her.


So yeah, I need to take some other pics of the fun things I've been doing. I've ignored my blog for weeks and weeks and I feel so guilty!

What has everyone else been up to?