Sunday, September 26, 2010

One year

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of owning my first home - all on my own. I can't believe it has already been 366 days since I moved in here.

Every time the basement windows leak, I still love it.
Every time I walk into the putrid peach kitchen with the Aztec wallpaper, I still love it.
Every time I look at the horrible baby blue walls in the hallway that still needs to be painted, I love it.
Every time I feel the horrible draft from the 50's aluminum windows, I still love it. (and I'll love it more when said windows are replaced in three days!)

I love this house.

It's mine. To do with what I want. Decorate how I want. Fill it with the furniture I want.

Fill it with the people I want.

It's also been 366 days since Leif and I started living together. It's been wonderful. It's been hard. It's been part of the best experience I've ever had.

Life is awesome.

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