Friday, October 1, 2010


I was cleaning up some of the yarn strewn about the house yesterday, due to our new window installation...

[background story]

I haven't thought of myself as an impulsive craft shopper in quite some time. Not since the days of selling all of my quilling materials on eBay (over $600 worth of supplies for about $80) and much of my scrapbooking stash. I was impulsive. And I bought a LOT!

That's when I was married.

I continued to be crafty after my divorce, but on a budget. I purchased for projects ONLY. When I started to quilt I would buy for certain patterns that I was CURRENTLY working on only. Never just because it was "pretty" or I might use it some day. Current. Projects. Only.

[/end background story]

I moved several small bags of yarn from the office to the bedroom this week so that they were out of the way when our windows were installed. I went to Target yesterday to buy a large plastic tote to start putting said yarn in... just to keep it all in one place.

Uhhh... yeah...

I filled up this tote with the yarn I had simply lying around the house. No projects planned for about 90% of it. (The maroon skeins on the top of the box are Portland Tweed, I think. I started my Central Park Hoodie with it. Other than that... ummm... not so much. And, none of this yarn is over 6 months old, I would say (probably more like 3), and NONE of this yarn contains my "stash" of yarn. That I keep in the basement.

I have two plastic boxes full of yarn.

My ENTIRE quilting collection (including fabric, books, thread, etc) all fit in two plastic boxes. EVERYTHING.

I have a problem.

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