Friday, August 27, 2010

Wearable Art

I love wearing hand-made things. Oh heck, I just love hand-made things in general!


Uber thanks to Amber over at Dawdler101 for her super blog giveaway. I was the lucky recipient of her April Showers and May Flowers bracelets on July 30th! I've worn them a few times (including today) and I love, love, LOVE them!

Amber, rock on!


I don't know about anyone else, but I freak out before I give a handmade item to anyone. Will they like it? Are the colors right? Will they use it? Will they understand the oodles of time it took to create such a masterpiece? I'm currently working on a quilt for my ex-husbands step-daughter (oh, shut up... you don't have to understand it!) Marianna's baby shower is on Sunday - yes, 2 days away - and I had a freak out moment last night while working on it. I second guessed every color choice I made (even though my ex's wife loved them) and second guessed the pattern even more (single irish chain - you just can't screw those up.) I wonder if other people who give handmade gifts think the same way I do.

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