Monday, July 12, 2010

Tall Order

It never fails...

Anyone: "Do you think you can make..."
Me: "Sure, how hard can it be?"

A girlfriend of mine is adopting her second child from Ethiopia - hopefully this year. As of a week ago she hadn't her referral for her 0-12 month baby girl, but she was sure it would be coming... sooner than later. Which means that hopefully in the year 2010 she and her husband will be blessed with a little sister for their first son, Rylee Bona.
With her first child, Meggan and her husband had a baby shower (of course) and I made them a super cute quilt using the colors of the Ethiopian flag. I was so nervous... not everyone appreciates a hand-made gift, but I was a quilting machine back then (before I discovered my love for sticks and strings) so she expected one. And they loved it and the sentiment behind my color choices (though it TOTALLY clashed with RB's nursery colors!!)

Last week she put a call out on her Facebook to see if anyone could/knew someone who could sew a nursery bumper and a few accessories for her. Of course I chime in, "Uhhhh... I quilt... I could do that..." *oh crap!* Lots of other people commented, mentioning aunts, grandmas, neighbors, etc. But, *I* got the shout out later with, "Wow, Trish... could you?!?" Well, of COURSE I can!

Honestly, I'm flattered. I know that Meggs would appreciate hand-made items and the fact that she actually WANTS me to do it super awesome! But man, who wants to screw that up?

Yes, I've got a tall order to deliver on. So... uh... anyone know some great nursery patterns?

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  1. You'll love how the set turns out. I still consider myself a novice seamstress. I've never done cording either. Just follow the instructions and you'll do great! I did a tiny bit everyday, over a week, and it was nice. Didn't feel overwhelmed at all.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You'll really love how it turns out.